Trisha is one of the characters from the RP Sword Art Online . She is one of the 10,000 people, trapped in SAO. 

Personal Info
Name Trisha Hansen
Age 24
Gender Female
Height 5"8
Weight 134
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Player Profile
Display Name Trisha
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Partner Raika
Status Active
Unique Weapon Standard Steel Rapier

Character DescriptionEdit

Name: Trisha Hansen

Gender: Female

Appearance: Trisha stands around 5' 11' and has a rather normal slender and curved build for a woman of 24. She had rather lengthy and smooth blonde hair that goes down to her lower back. It's usually let down in no particular style besides having it pulled away from her eyes. Most of her outfit remains the same, although it gets upgraded as the floors increase. It seems Trisha has taken a liking to her rather noticable attire.

Personality: Rather outgoing, loud, and cheerful, Trisha is often viewed as a more sociable person. It's not hard to get her to speak to you. She has a rather loud and distinguishable laugh that can often be picked out among others. In addition, her kindness often gets the better of her at points, becoming a rather motherly figure among those younger than her.


A transfer graduate student from Toronto, Canada, Trisha Hansen is currently studying in the field of Anthropology. Trisha is obviously bilingual. After the opportunity came up, she was able to transfer to Japan for a semester. Although not an avid gamer, she needed something to occupy herself on certain weekends when she wasn't studying. Thus, SAO was an outlet. Turns out, it was more than she bargained for


Class, Skills, and GearEdit

Character Class: Duelist (i.e – Rapiers).


- Standard steel rapier.

Sword Skills:

- One Handed Rapiers

- Acrobatics

- Dodge

- Sprint

- Parry

- Sewing

- Light Cloth Equipment

- Battle Healing

Starter equipment/items:

- Standard steel rapier

- Standard duelist's vest/shirt (red)

- Standard duelist's pants (black)

- Standard duelist's boots (black)

- Standard duelist's belt (brown)

- 3x Health potion

- 1x Teleportation crystal