The floor boss for floor 3, this Chlorophyll Shredder is a leafy monster who faces the front liners and gets beaten. It is originally surrounded by five Elite Treant Warriors. Later on, it can generate more minions to fight the players.


Plant Boss

A large thirty foot tall floor boss, this plant is leafy green. It has a humanoid body with trunk like arms. On its head are rows of razor sharp leaves. Its head is strange, giving it a almost helmet-like look. For "feet", this monster roots itself into the ground and can slowly inch forwards. This causes a disruption in the dirt surrounding his room and makes miniature ridges through the earth. Various vines and other plant related items are strewn around its body. A thick slime coats its body


The special ability of this plant is its power to resist fire. Over its body is a specific chemical that nullifies heat and flames. It can swing its massive trunks to smash down enemies. Its roots can entangle fores and even slice them with thorns. Finally, it can spew out a noxious paralyzing poison that stops most enemies in their tracks. Finally, it can respawn new plant minions by dropping the leaves on its head.