A special skill thats given to the player with the most critical hit rate. It was given to Saito as his sword Rouge Legacy had the special skill to unlock a new sword, Lone Supressor, how ever the sub-sword, could only be used if you had the Split Blades skill. He eventually switched his two broad swords to Ao Suzume (Refined) it was eaier for him to deal out attacks and get out of the way quicker. Saito unlocked this skill on Floor 47, after the boss raid in which the Remnants of Light defeated Munchy the Bite. He utilized it and unlocked an abundance of skills.  with the help of his friends and his completion of floors, he perfected the Split Blades skill when level 65. He continues to use it in NA as well.


Split-Second Shift: Ables the user to take one step and ppear in front of the opponent.

Spiral Finite:  (8-hit strike): A 8 strike skill that starts off with the user placing both swords on their back in an x formation. The sword glow a bright orange, and the user can unleash a barrage of limited slahes. I

Cross Rush: (2-hit skill): User puts one sword on his shoulder and another in a dagger like position. then lunges at the target and delivers an X appearance attack. Hence the name.

Split Fury: (13-hit combo): The user places his swords on the each side of him and the blades grow a faint purple. They then lunge and hit the enemy with pinpointed and deadly accuracy. The damage attack is increased +100 each hit.

Double Take: (2-hit skill): Allows user to use a different sword skill in each hand. for example, Horizontal  in one hand, Slant in the other.

Armor Break: (1-hit skill): The user's blade turns a bright blue and for a brief moment can pierce any armor, giving them the stun time to follow up with a combo, it's a relatively weak attack. 

Double Cycle: (1-hit strike): The user puts one blade in a dagger like fashion and rushes the opponent, they then jump slightly in the air, spin sideways, they're light green glowing blades parrallel to each other, and strike the opponent. If it hits the user's weapon, it decreases its durability by almost half.