A boss that is present at the end of a long underground dungeon. This boss faced the Destiny Knights and a few others as they explored the area. It was called a "ridiculously hard boss for such a low level" by several Beta Testers. Apparently, it was in the beta test and moved due to its difficulty.


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Spider Queen

It is a large semi-mechanical spider. It has a brown fleshy abodomen and is the only piece of actual meat on its body. Its head and thorax are mechanical along with the dull steel legs coming out of it. At the end of its legs are long metal spikes. Thin metallic pincers com out near its head. Two pair of beady eyes finish of the look. All in all, it is a big metallic spider with deadly spear-like limbs.


While not posessing any actual Sword Skills, this spider moves as fast as other spiders. It can scurry rapidly on the ground and even attach itself on the ceilings and walls. It uses its bladed body parts to slice and dice, cutting things up into small bite sized pieces. It can also grip enemies and tear at them. A squadron of smaller spiders guards it.