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276351-blue assassin by udonnodu super
Personal Info
Name Ryan Watson
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 5'8"
Eyes Black
Hair Blue
Player Profile
Display Name Pythus
Status Active


5'8" with pale skin and pitch black eyes. His hair is dark blue and he has a slight grin that makes his enemies think twice about crossing him. He wears a dark blue cloak that covers a set of leather armor. He turns his hair pure white around floor 5 when he realizes it's actually possible.


He mainly keeps to himself but will intervene in some affairs if a person seems to be in trouble. Although he is a theif he detests the red players and will rob them blind so they cannot cause more damage.


In the real world Ryan did not really stand out. He had his group of friends and his boring school life but he always wanted more excitement. Unfortunately, whenever there was excitement he was too weak to take part. Because of this, he immersed himself in role playing games and cartoons, rather pathetic for a 16 year old right? When SAO came out he immediately bought it for a chance to escape. Funny how his ticket to freedom was a smaller cage than his last.

Character Class:Edit

Theif, Blacksmith


Throwing picks

Bloody Thorn

Sharpened Bone (both daggers)

paralysis poison

Sword Skills:Edit

Straight shot

Pressure point


Starter equipment/items:Edit

Iron dagger

throwing pick

lock pick

warp crystal