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Pluto and his wife Proserpina

Pluto, the Roman god of the underworld, resides in the Swirling Sands dungeon on floor 62. Along with Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, he is found at the heart of the dungeon.

He drops the demonic blade Dying Breath. It is wielded by Kana.


As god of the underworld, Pluto wears an attire of complete black. His skin is pale white along with his straight, long hair. On his head sits a demonic, black crown with red light, imitating the eyes of the undead. His black armor has an array of dark spikes coming off his shoulders. The chest plate has ridges that surround the boss' torso. He wears a black belt with a skull buckle. For his lower part of his body, he wears pitch black pants that are frayed and teared at the edges. To complete his outfit, he wears a black torn cape and wields a black thorny scythe. 


The Guardians meet this boss on floor 62 inside the Swirling Sands dungeon. After a day and a night, the guild reaches the heart of the dungeon. After a hard fought battle, Sho, Raiden and Alec both defeat the boss using their combined powers.

Abilities Edit

Pluto is able to call up the undead with the raise of his hand. When he does, dark red energy flows around his gloves before transferring to the ground and lifting up his minions. He is also very skilled in scythe combat, using various sword skills that leap and crush down on his enemies. He is also able to throw it, after which he can guide it with his hands. Lastly, his ultimate allows him to unleash tendrils of darkness, pulling in enemies and allies alike. As he pulls, he deals damage. Once close, he uses one hand to suck away their life force. A very powerful enemy, it takes the best of players to bring him down.