Even old bosses deserve another chance to fight. This one is so ancient that it could be considered from the stone ages of video gaming.

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Odolwa the Ancient


Standing at 7'5", this ancient warrior is a powerful 6th floor boss with a big sword and a strong shield. Along time ago this boss was in another game. When Akihiko was younger he loved facing this boss because of his movements. The boss would jump,run, spin, and do basically anything that could piss you off. When Akihiko grew up and created SAO bought rights to this boss and added him with some minor improvements. Unlike the original, he cannot summon an army of moths to attack or summon Bomb Bugs. Instead, his upgrade gives him the ability to raise an army of Undead Soldiers. This boss resides in a room similar to that of the original with a few alterations. It has a more jungle look to it with vines hanging from the celing and torches on the walls. The new upgraded Odolwa may be different from the old but he's still as wild as ever. He was a real challenge for the frontliners.


Odowla can use three different types of attacks. One is summoning Undead minions. The second is a powerful Hurricane spin to push back opponents. The third is summoning a ring of fire were that can trap up to 3 players and cause them to fight within for 30 - 40 seconds. This boss is fast and can react better than the original.