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Kasai Child (human form)

-The fires burn strong within this special wolf giving it the abilities of fire and the same strength as its master this wolf can really pack a punch. it is one of seven special wolves.
Growlithe by luminawolf-d3kkwjq

Kasai Puppy

Kasai's BioEdit

Kasai is #1 of Seven special wolves given to four different players in SAO by a man named Wryth who found them and handed them to Dan Basaka who then gave six of them away. Kasai is just as strong as Dan and can use fire based attacks its appearence resembles that of the pokemon Growlithe when its a puppy and Arcanine when its a stands 6'5" and can be very protective around its master when itsences something bad is happening. Kasai can turn into a human form because of the fact that she's a familiar when she's a puppy she's a little girl and stands at 3 ft tall when she is fully grown wolf she's a teenager at 5'3". To Kasai she is really the daughter of Dan Basaka and is very protective of him and Zack and Saeki . to her thats her real family. she is also very protective of any of Dan's friends. since her master is Dan she takes on traits of him making her in sinc with him she has the same anger when in battle she's happy outside battle and is a very kind person around people.


Kasai battle Stance.

Kasi's abilities

1. Flame crush claw -(wolf form) Kasai sets its claws on fire and swipes the enemys with a massive force and fire attack.(human form) Kasai summons Fire on her sword and performs a powerful strike to the enemy.

2. Devil Rush -(wolf form) Kasai rushes the enemys in what looks like a giant Fire ball.(human form) Kasai throws her sword at the enemy the sword summons up fire and becomes a fire ball.

3. Fire Blast - ( not like in pokemon)(wolf form) Kasai summones up alot of its power and uses it in a powerful blast of fire like a guyser.(human form) Kasai's blade turns into pure fire and she slashes at the enemy in a 13 hit combo.

4. Roar - a powerful Roar that shows how mighty Kasai is.

5. Flame Armor (human form only) - Kasai summons Flame around her and her master and gives both flame armor giving them a 15% increase in defence

Arcanine by monstoner-d53qye5

Kasai adult


Kasai teen (human form)