"I like pie, Teehee!"
Personal Info
Name Izumi Mataki
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 5'3
Weight 98 LB
Eyes Blue
Hair Blue
Occupation Artist
Marital Status Single
Player Profile
Epithet White Needle


Occupation Solo'er


Partner Syphon
Status Active
Primary Skill Needle Throwing
Unique Skill Blade Dance
Unique Weapon Sword of the spirit

Name/IGN : Izumi Mataki/ Izumi.

Age: 15.

Gender: Female


A short woman with long blue hair and blue eyes. Is about 5'3 ft and Weighs 80-100 pounds.


Sweet, loving, caring. Loves her brother for things that happened in her past. Acts motherly towards younger AND older people. Loves drawing, Always wanted a little sister, so if she meets any girl younger then her...You'll guess the rest.(XD)


Izumi Mataki is a 15 year old girl with the love of drawing and playing video games with her brother, Tsukiko.

Her past is something she doesn't want to remember, always being beaten by her father, mom in the hospital most of the time, two younger brothers always gone cause of her dads job. But whenever their father tried to hurt Izumi, Tsukiko would jump in the way and defend her, she was always happy about that, and sad.

When the game SAO was announced, Her brother suddenly disappeared, She was worried sick until she found out he was one of the beta testers for it. And to think, her brother, a beta tester, of one of the BEST games ever created, if not the best.

After the test was over, her mind was going between buying the game for herself, and playing it with Tsukiko, or not, and draw for the museam. She chose to buy the game software, and the game. She put the helmet on at almost the same time her brother did, and said the command. "Link Start" And she was impressed and happy that she was finally able to play a game, that her brother liked.

Not sure if she was either angry, or happy, that they will be stuck in the game until all 100 floors were cleared. After it was announced, she followed her brother into the fields, learning how to play and enjoying the time with her brother. But she never expected him to tell her that she was better at this game then he was, every time they fought mobs, she was always 1 level above him, He was really happy about that. She decided, she would play this game, no, She would live this life until the very end, The very end.

Character Class:Edit




Throwing Needles,


Throwing knives, 

Sword Skills:Edit

- Sonic Leap.

- Vertical Arc.

- Rapid Bite.

- Fud Edge.

- Single Shot.

Starter equipment/items:Edit

One Edged Dagger,

Dagger ingraved with the letters: IZUMI.

Throwing Needles,

Throwing Knives,

X3 basic healing Potions,

String Pack.

Steel shortsword.

Skill Slots/Abilities:Edit

  • HP: 15500
  • Level: 95

One-handed Dagger Blade Throwing Tracking Searching Battle Healing
975 / 1000
879 / 1000
967 / 1000
Listening Parry Meditation Sprint
923 / 1000
898 / 1000
942 / 1000