Name: Iroha Usagi

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Personal Info
Name Iroha Usagi
Age 17
Gender Female
Hair Pink
Occupation High School Student
Player Profile
Display Name Iroha
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Occupation Tailor and Cook
Partner Seya


Status Active
Primary Skill Cooking
Unique Skill Tailorship and Cooking
Unique Weapon Frying Pan

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: Iroha has a slender and curved build, average for a girl her age. It's safe to say that she is decently pretty, despite her personality. She has pink hair (dyed in game). And stands around 5' 4".

Personality: Iroha is an extremely shy, paranoid, skittish, soft-speaking, introvert of a young woman. It doesn't take much to send Iroha off in a flustered frenzy. Due to her shyness, she often stutters while speaking, sometimes even skipping over words entirely. In addition, when in company of others, while not running away of course, Iroha's face always seems to be slightly blushing with embarrassment…On top of this all, Iroha is often absent minded, and a complete clumsy girl. It's safe to assume she isn't the sharpes

t crayon in the box. Although, in many ways Iroha makes up for this with her kind and caring nature.

Bio: Iroha prefers to keep her life outside of SAO to herself. Although it can be assumed her personality and attitude developed somehow from events outside the game…

Character Class: Tailor and Cook (Doesn't fight)

Weapons: Frying Pan. (Not a weapon, but it's all she has).


  • - Cooking
  • - Tailoring
  • - Music

Starter equipment/items:

  • - Tailor's and Cook's clothing
  • - Tailoring Equipment
  • - Cooking Equipment
  • - Basic Harp