Imperial Empire
Imperial Empire
Guild Info
Name Imperial Empire
Founder Emperor Gilgamesh
Members 5 judges

hundreds of members

Main Focus Restore Law in Anicrad through force
Previous Focus None
Base of Operations Floor 67
Previous Base of Operations none
Allies K.O.B

Holy Dragon Alliance

Former Allies none
Status Active
 "the Self-Proclaimed Defenders of Law and order in Anicrad. there leaded by a Elite Team of Judges."


This Guild is one of the largest guilds in all Anicrad. and has 5 genarals (Judges) comanding seperate squads. there are two types of Common Soliders in the army. Knights and Hoptilites. Knights are first rank. Hoptilites are higher rank. This Guild was formed by Emperor Gilgamesh and the 5 Judges on floor 30 but was perfected at floor 67. Every member is well trained for combat and well Disciplened. the Judges are harder to fight against. they know more styles of combat.and have great strageties. each Judge's squad consist of 20 Knights and 15 Hoptilites. in real life the Judges were war comanders and knew perfect Strageties. they can take down opponents faster than most guilds using battle strageties that were used in past wars.

First AppearancesEdit

the Guilds First Appearance was on Floor 65 the Whole Guild was finally formed and they wanted to show it so they martched all of there hundreds of members through towns trying to find a sutible headquarters.that was the first time the Judges met the Frontliners. "tell us were we might find a sutible Headquarters so our guild may move in" Garbanth had said. everyone pointed South of the current town they were in, to a Big Castle looking building that was crawling with PKers. the guild had no problem with taking over it was 5 against hundreds. they set up there base and started enforcing laws around all of Anicrad as if it was the real world. many followed. but those who didnt were "terminated" for not following the new Anicrad Laws. the other guilds Didnt follow some did but a few chose to be Rebels. many players died from this guild. around the 90- 95th floor. the guild desided it had had enough and declared war on all other guilds in Anicrad.
FF12 Char Model - Vossler (Full Judge)

Common Knight Uniform

Members Position Status
Garbanth Co-Founder leader/Judge Active
Ghis  Judge Active
Bergan Judge Active
Drace Judge Active
Zargabaath Judge Active
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