IceFall Online (IFO)Edit

IceFall: Age of War (IFO) puts emphasis on the war aspect of VRMMORPG's. Player's can either join one of three  factions that are in game, or if your sutsy, you can wander into the wastelands alone or with friends to desperatly make an attempt to survive and build their very own Faction - but be wary, for the icy landscape can easily kill a player, giving them a massive death penalty and emptying all items from the player's inventory. As players and Factions grow stronger and expand, they will encounter NPC bases that can be taken over by clearing them out. The higher the greater the reward.

Of course a game isn't a game without an ultimate goal - Eliminate the enemy factions main base - Control 85% of total landmass - Kill their Leader.

The winners will recieve a fortune, primarily based on how much real life currency is spent to purchase in-game 'Rhotam' (A special type of currency used to buy items that are considered 'premium'). Of course another thing that influences the game's money is made is by ads that companies pay the game designers to put on in-game bulletin boards.

IceFall Online: Join The War, Conquer the Nation. Goto Gelmra's FanFiction page if you want to be an OC in his story ---->


Zaltro: A faction with extraordinary flying abilities and technology, though they lack effective infantry and armored vehicles- The Zaltro usually attack utilizing gunships and shock-troops.

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The Flying Faction: Zaltro


 Ragren: The Faction that focuses on infantry and tactics. Their infantry are the best with the latest equipment.  They get the job done.

When you appear on the Zaltro your starter equipment are the Zaltro uniform and a (optional) jetpack. This faction is led by Simon Coswell.


Ragren: The Infantry Faction


The Vehicular Faction: Tyranus

Tyranus: Specializing in Vehicular Combat. and Strategy, they posses the best vehicles in the game and also have an infantry that almost rivals the Ragren.