This extra skill increases a person's ability to detect and sense the presence of others and items. Based off of the Assassin's Creed series, it acts in the same way with the additional plus and upgrade of the previous Detection, Searching or Radar Lock skill. The detection zone for Eagle Sense is double that of the other regular detection skills along with being highly advanced, sensing even the highest stealth extra skills like Incognito. The only problem of course is stopping the "Blend" feature that is in that skill. Additionally, there is a highlight effect.

Players are marked as green. Party members are blue. Mobs and enemy NPCs are red. Regular NPCs are white. Items are lit up in gold. After a target is locked, a player can see that target through walls and obstacles as well.

One is also able to sense the path that a player had taken on the ground. The skill will outline all the paths that the player took in the past two hours.

Also, if the player has the additional Night Vision skill, then the player's vision at night has an even higher increase in sight.


To gain his skill, a player must have the Detection, Searching or Radar Lock skill. Then, they must complete the «Shadows in the Moonlight» special quest. With those skills above 700, the extra skill will then replace take their place. The additional Night Vision skill doesn't have to be there for the bonus to be attained.

Known UsersEdit

  1. Sho
  2. Histrio
  3. Shiiho
  4. Layla
  5. Yumi