Conyatzo is a boss that resides in the floor 40 labyrinth. He was fought by the clearing group as they made their way to the main boss room.




A strange looking figure, Conyatzo is a man who has been transformed by the abundant supply of evil energy within the labyrinth. He is dressed in pure white clothing. His hair is brown and spiked up high. His eyes are blue, revealing the madman within. He has claws for hands and strange blue whisps surrounding him.


A boss with the ability to use Martial Arts skill, Conyatzo is a speed based monster. He strikes with his claw-like hands in strong combos. Due to his infusion of dark energy, he can call this power out in his hands to do increased damage. The blue whisps around him act as minions and bodyguards. They primarily ram into players and due to their numbers, they can deal decent damage.

This boss's special ability allows him to blind his enemies for 30 seconds, opening them up for strikes and an easy kill.