Basaka is a powerful Demon. He is found on the 80th floor and unlike most other bosses, his entire programming has been rewritten. From that floor onwards, all the bosses are able to better attack, parry and in their own way, "think." Although they can do all of these things, computer programming is difficult thus providing some sort of slack to the clearers. Still though, Basaka provides the warriors with one of the toughest battles that they've ever had. For some odd reason though, this monster liked to specifically attack Dan Basaka. No one knows for sure but some have theories.




This demon is as tall as the Gleam Eyes.  He shimmers in red demonic energy. On his chest is metallic chest piece that form around his abs. Spiked shoulder guards along with some sort of gauntlet decorate his upper body. A warrior skirt lays on his hips and pointed greaves fit over his feet. He wields a longsword with a chain attached to it.

Abilities Edit

With advanced programming, the bosses from the 80th floor and onwards provide the clearers with a tougher time. Basaka can parry and block with his shield. However, due to the limited space of the room, Basaka has no room to maneuver and thus cannot effectively dodge. This does not matter though for he has high amounts of health and can deal massive damage. His strikes can kill a player in a single strike if not properly blocked or dodged.