Name : (In game) Bargah (Real life) Barmau Hagahm

Gender: Male

Apperance: H

e is t

Bargah 2

His armor from both sides.

all, about 6'2", and light skinned. His firey red eyes are bright and full of ideas, and his spiked back red hair shows his personality well. He comes up with new ideas for weapons so often, you'll usually see him 

writing something down on his "idea pad". His hands have strong callouses, and his brown leather armor is light and easy to run in. He also has a flowing red cape when it's cold.

Personality: His voice is loud and powerful, his attitude is usually spunky and lighthearted, and a smile almost never leaves his face. He has a short temperament when you annoy him, so word of advice...don't.

Bio: He lives at home in an apartment but himself, but he goes to college for engineering and technology.


Bargah, ready for action!

Character Class: Blacksmith

Weapons: He uses a battle ax with a blood red blade edge and black metal. It's called Ebony Blood.

Unique Skills: Customize- he can create unique weapons that aren't normally in the game.

Sword Skills(Includes Magic, Melee, and Support):

  • Galaxy Slash- Melee- Bargah spins in a circle with his ax providing counter-balance.
  • Ravine Crash- Melee- smashes ground with ax blade and creates shockwaves. Has to pull ax out of ground and is left vu
  • lnerable while doing so.
  • Feint Memory- Magic- He can disappear and reappear somewhere else and attack short range, about 20 feet.

Starter equipment/items(These are the things that you possess at the beginning of the game.):  

  • Blacksmith tools