Akane's Battle Form

Radar starts out as a voice that Takeru starts to hear in his head as she drove him crazy with her antics and sharp tongue, not giving him the light of day as she just continued to pester him. 

Finally when he'd had enough and yelled at her to stop, saying her name unknowingly, and icon appeared on his menu in the friends section. He clicked in it and out came Radar, touchable and very much real. For inside a game. Radar is actually Takeru's agressive nature and a bit of data mixed into the cerberal psyche of his brain.  The pulses emitted from the NerveGear enhanced it so that she was able to be a regular player as well. However, the thing with Radar is that when not in combat, she turns from her <<Battle Form>> as Takeru call's it, to her True Form which is less calmer but with a sharper tongue than her Headphone form which doesn't really talk but deals major damage.






  • Radar usually calls Takeru Arrow-kun as she just loves to pester him.
  • She usually is on his back as she loves piggyback rides
  • When she doesn't know what to say or is too angry, sad, or flustered passed words, she simply says "Balut"