Ace White
Ace After SAO
Personal Info
Name Ace White
Kanji エースホワイト
Age 18
Gender Female
Height 6'2"
Eyes purple
Hair black
Place of Residence Kanagawa,Japan
Occupation High School Student
Marital Status Single
Family Damien White(Brother)
Player Profile
Display Name Astra
Kanji アストラ
Occupation Thief
Previous Partner Damien(Draco)
Status Active

 Name: Ace White

Gender: Female

Appearance: Ace has jet black hair and purple eyes. She is 6'2" and very strong. She wears a black cloak with a dark red shirt and a red and black skirt. Her shoes are black and she wears a black heart pendant around her neck.

Personality: She is courageous, a great leader and curious.

Bio: Ace White was once a friend of Sazuke in real life until Sazuke cut herself off from the real world. When Sazuke just flat out stopped talking to Ace she grew furious. It made it even worse when she didn't notice her. Ace decided to buy SAO seeing as Sazuke had bought it before her. Once she entered the game and became trapped, she became a Pk'er known as Astra. Astra took over and trapped Ace in their mind as Astra created "The Sauna Slayers" guild.

Character Class: Thief

Weapons: Astral Sword, Iron Sword, Throwing knives, "Bloody Diamond" Blade

Sword Skills:

  • Bloody Handed Stream: A powerful strike hitting a foe multiple times
  • Astral Plain: This allows the user to surround the area in darkness and strikes with a white light from multiple sides.
  • Illusional Mind: Allows the user to make multiple versions of themselves and strike from all sides.

Starter Equipment/Items: 2 healing potions, 5 throwing knives, Iron Sword and a warp crystal