This quest is called the «7 Dogs of the East». It was given to a man named Wryth when he found seven wolf cubs stranded by themselves within the Misty Forest. After he he gathered them up in a box, he set out to properly distribute them to seven different individuals. Thus with the quest completed, Wryth leaves the lives of the pups within the hands of their owners. The next step of the quest requires them to train their new pets. Failure results in a massive drop in EXP and the death of the wolf.

These wolves all have a special inherent ability laying within. To fully discover these abilities, the owners must train them intensely for them to manifest.

Even though the quest was deemed for seven players, adjustments were made to add another wolf. Unfortunately, this new wolf, Violet was programmed incorrectly by the rush. She was ejected from the Eight and thus reduced the group back to seven. Now, she gains the form of a Sabre Cat with memories of her other brothers and sisters.

Wolf Order 

Kasai (Pet): #1

Kuzon (Pet): #2

Hikari (Pet): #3

Maho (Pet): #4

Yuki (Pet): #5

Kumori (Pet): #6

Chikyu (Pet): #7